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... optimism as the key to success ! 

"I have a true passion for simplicity, attention to detail and a tremendous devotion to the process of innovation" 

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My hobbies

GASTRONOMY: It fascinates me and I try to reinvent it every day. I use basic, high-quality ingredients. I always take care with the fine details, although it may go unnoticed. I've learned that success depends, to a large extent, on presentation. This applies to all walks of life.


LEISURE PURSUITS: I love hiking, sailing, the art of magic, motoribike riding and mountain biking, among other pastimes. Above all, reaching 9.800 feet, weather-permitting, is sublime. Try it, it's a unique feeling!. Listening to music and finding out about technological advances helps me relax and, above all, I love coaching start-ups and designing web pages. I enjoy traveling with my family and getting to know different cultures. So far, I've already flown in a hot-air balloon and planted a tree. Now, I need to write a book ...

EPIC EXPERIENCES: A day with friends, a birthday, a Christmas party, or a even professional gathering can be somewhat boring or totally surprising. It's great to try something different and exciting. For me, it comes easy.  I put into practice "ideas to make daily life more exciting". We're all aware of the powers of attraction and seduction. If you're planning any event, seek my opinion. I'd be delighted to help!

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